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ummm, i disagree with mousekilla here... let me explain my opinion (which is not meant to start anything, just an opinion!)

Sure, children will learn swear words or actions as the case may be on television, on the playground, or from wherever else. And it's true that it doesn't necessarily make them immoral for simply knowing them. My issue is more to do with the fact that flipping the bird as you call it, at such an early age, in a circumstance where it is seemingly acceptable WILL have negative effects. By allowing this, and using it as an avatar, you are teaching the child that it is an acceptable part of society. It is NOT an acceptable part of society. It is also very rude.

I understand your point about the child being advanced in 2 different languages. That's wonderful! But, that means absolutely nothing in relation to your argument. She must also realize that swearing is not a proper form of expression. It lacks thought, is very vague, and does absolutely NOTHING to solve any problem. If anything, it encourages backlash.

I presonally don't care what avatar anyone uses, but since the topic came up I thought I'd share my thoughts. Oh, by the way, I am a grade 1 and 2 teacher.

Just my thoughts. Again, I really don't care about your avatar mousekilla, just giving my opinion.

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