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I'm going to be volunteering at the Australia Zoo in Sunshine Coast for a month...

After that I'm going to be going to Guelph (hopefully) for Wild Life and Habitat Ecology (with Heather )

My goal is to become a zookeeper, or to be associated with Zoo Check (Sport Chek...Zoo check... I sense a theme)... and as far as I know, it IS pretty difficult to get a job as a zookeeper at such a high-esteemed place like TO zoo. Although the MAIN qualification (as told to me by one of the TO zoo employment representatives) is experience. The more experience you have, the better chances you'll have.. That's why I'm doing this volunteer thing!!

I get told I'm going to end up shovelling poo a lot, but I know it's something that comes with the job... that's definitely the least of my worries!

I'd like to either work with reptiles, primates or felines! Ahhh can't wait

Leanne: Good luck with the zoology thing, I'd like to hear how it's going!!

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