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Care sheets are fine, and so is the occasional "what do I do" sort of post as long as the advice isn't for prescription items and such, it's when there's an entire dedicated forum that raises the expectations of viewers that they can get advice that the real licensing problems come into play. Those are the forums that licensed folks tend to shy away from.

The problem with dedicated forums is that they raise the expectation of members that they will be able to find advice there, and if a "reasonable person" can expect medical advice that is one of the tests that ends up getting points on a professional license.

So if some doofus writes a "my snake got burned by my hot rock" post, suppose I were to advise some stop-gap measures like cleaning the wound and using an antibiotic ointment until they get to the vet. But the owner never sees a vet and the snake dies or is left with bigtime scarring. I am personally liable for my post and so is if the owner sues because it's a medical forum and he thought the advice was as good as a vet visit. Disclaimers don't tend to stand up in court nearly as much as whether the pet's owner thought that advice would save the snake without actually going to the vet. The attitude is that professionals should know better than to give advice over the phone or net as they never personally saw the animal.

I've noticed that the big breeders tend to shy away from the forums that contain medical sections too.
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