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As a matter of fact the last (and only) time someone said that my avatar was offensive to them I offered to replace it with an alternate one of my BCI devouring a mouse, if he felt that was more appropriate for his children to see online. That person did not respond to the offer. Maybe he saw how faulty that logic would be. Maybe you will find that to be a more desirable or acceptable image. As far as your specific commentary, such as alleging that this teaches "poor ethics" or "desensitizes" a child to something (to what you fail to explain) I'm afraid that I simply don't see it. I do not believe in sheltering children from things that will not upset or warp them. I do not believe that words or gestures that are arbitrarily deemed naughty in our society are harmful to children. That girl is in the first grade now and simply learned the vocabulary that she would be picking up on the playground anyway a little earlier than perhaps some of the other kids. So what? Yes she knows how to flip someone off, she knows the F word but she is also academically advanced in reading and (go figure) verbal skills (in 2 languages). Everyone that meets her is impressed with her behaviour, good nature, advanced sense of humour and communication skills. This little girl is not permitted to be disrespectful to anyone and cannot stand to see any person or creature suffer. Do not assume that because this child has been raised with a different morality than perhaps you would apply to your own children that this child has been raised with "poor ethics". Please enlighten me as to how naughty words, in your opinion, can "lead to problems in the future...etc." I would really like to hear that question answered directly without having to make assumptions about how this particular child has been raised because, quite frankly, you just don't know this kid. But please, explain, in general terms, how swear words and hand gestures harm children.
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