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Exclamation Ahh!!! Plz Read!! Mites!!!!!!!

Hello everyone,

Yesterday i was about to goto my mealworm breeding colony to grab a few for my leos when i noticed little WHITE bugs just crawling all over my mealworm bin!!!! OMG ARE THESE MITES? Will they harm my leos? Also, is there ANY way that i can eradicate ALL of these mites without throwing or killing all my mealworms? And I am UNFAMILIAR with NIX and i am thinking bout nixing my leos and everything that might harbour these bugs, but as i said i am unfamiliar with this stuff, and i heard that nix is pretty potent and i dont wanna risk harming my animals, so i was wondering is there ANYONE in or around the Ottawa area that can stop by and help me terminate these stinkin bugs with nix?

Thanks a bunch in advance to all the people who reply,
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