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Project Updates

Hey guys its coming along pretty well. SO far I have 3 books cited and more than enough websites. But I found this one and thought you might enjoy reading it.

Now in the other Project post I believe someone mentioned "Hoop Snakes." Well heres what I got on them from this site!

~The Myth: Hoop snakes are dangerous snakes. When surprised one of these snakes will grab its tail in its mouth, form a "hoop" with its body, and roll away. One version of the myth says that the hoop snake will chase a person in this manner, but a conflicting version says that the hoop snake uses this means to escape from a threat. Yet another version has it that the snake will roll down a hill killing anything and everything in its path.
The Real Story: There is no such thing as a hoop snake. You won't find one in a zoo, you won't find one in a museum. And you won't find a record of a hoop snake observation that has been verified by an independent, second observation.~
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