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More guys at the reptile shows are afraid of tarantulas then girls. So much for macho
This is SO true!!! Just coming back from the Totally Pets show and having been at the Arachnomania booth all the time helping out. I was really amazed to see that much more women were willing to overcome their fears and hold a tarantula. Both men and women didn't want to at first but the women came back to do it. The men didn't!!! I think it's hilarious! I would say out of all that handled a T, 2/3rds were female!

maybe you can auction yourself off for a date @ the next herp show with the proceeds going to help one of the rescues...
That's a really cool idea!!! Gives you the chance to have a date with someone who loves herps AND you get to do something to help out animals in need. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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