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But hey, look at us, I, out in Western Canada, have to learn the stupid language of the French. Unfortunately, people are stupid.
LOL!!! You have my deepest sympathy - I never did get on with French (the language not the people... tho' now I come to think of it... just kidding).

But seriously, the reason I raised this rant here is that this friction between the animal activists, the reptile 'industry' and the poor old genuine herper seems to be a truly international problem!

V.hb - you really touched a raw nerve with me with your comment on 'trade 2 "cheap" ones, for 1 "expensive" one'. I've never understood this mentality - the animal itself is always more important to me than its perceived value!

And the way in which an animal is cared for is more important to me than getting a 'bargain' - I was about to buy a pair of Kenyan sand boas at the weekend, until the woman selling them said 'oh yes, they live together fine, we keep 4 adults in that...' and pointed to a tub around 20" x 12" x 8". Seemed mighty small to me! OK for just bringing the snakes to the show, but to live in it permanantly? Not much of a life, is it? We didn't buy from her, because we don't believe in encouraging this.

So, yes, the industry causes problems, individuals cause problems, and irrational opponents cause problems. It's easy to see where a lot of the problems are.

It's just a lot harder to work out what some of the solutions might be!

I'll shut up now, because I'm not really saying anything which hasn't been said (possibly many times) before! It's just that I have an urge to get of my arse and try to do something constructive, but I'm lacking inspiration and feel generally demoralised at the same old circle of arguments.

I guess I'll go and think about it some more...!

Oh, by the way, Boidkeeper - thanks for that link! Looks like an interesting place to start. Thanks for being constructive!
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