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As crule as this might sound this is how I cleand my hole collection in less the 4 days.

I took a Rubermaid for every snake then I placed enugh water that they can literaly swim in with some palm olive just to make a few bubbels I also place a rock so they can rest there head on but there body stays sumerged I leave them like that 12-24 hours it a HEATED room crank the heater if you have to keep that water warm or you will be looking at a wole new ball park of problems. Then I put them in a dry Rubermaid with nothing but paper toweles as a substrat for the secound night affter 24 hours of drying off and leting dead mitest fall off I take a BBQ brush and brush on 100% olive oil and let that stand for the next 2 day DO NOT give the animal water during this time if it soaks it will remove some oil.

After the 4 day process you will see minamal mites if any I keep them in there dry cages with nothing but paper toweles a hid and a water dish wait till the falowing shed B4 you replace it in a display cage.

As far as cleaning the cage properly go with ScreamingMisfit tips that wil kill any thing that may be remaning.

hop this helps
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