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Angry This is not right!

Hi, i usually dont like to complain about things, well, maybe sometimes, but right now, I am going to have to complain almost as bad as my grandpa! Ok, one guy was talking about a snakes hemi_*****, and it stared it out like it probably will over there<<<
Well, so he tried typing in vagina, and as you can see it doesnt star it out!!!!!!!!!! Now this makes me mad, being a girl and all!!! If
s has to be stared out, shouldnt vagina be stared out too? or why cant we just say the "p" word again?!?!?!??!!? when we are talking about snakes, it's not a bad word!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really think that this should be changed, either you can show em both, or you cant some em both is what i say, not you cant say p3nis and you can say vagina!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this will be changed!!!!
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