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if you are in a pet store am i right to asume you have a laundry tube in the back somewere ? if so fill the tub with about 6-7 inches of water and add about 1/3 of the bottle of NIX swish it aropund till you get some suds forming put the snake in it for about 15 minutes (supervised) with a very gentle cloth soaked in the nix water ,wipe around the face and head don't submurge the the snakes head in the water. once that is done you must clean the enclosure so put the snake in a clean steralized rubber made or a clean pillow case and used a 50/50 bleach solution clean the inside and out of the tank and EVERYTHING IN THE TANK ...if there is alot of stuff in the tank with the burm dispose of anything you can afford to replace the other stuff let soak over night in a 50/50 bleach and HOT water solution...once that is all done giver everything a wipe down with clean hot water B4 the snake gose back in do the same proccess with any other snakes infested with mites i guerentee you it will work i used to take alot of rescues and i lived by that meathode i will stand by it .....good luck

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