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I love doing kid programs there is somuch potential in the room.

I love it when the show is just about done and I pull a corn snake and and just kinda skim through stuff I have all ready said This may sound wierd but 10 to 15 min B4 the end I aclualy perposly bore them with a small animal for a few min and then I pull out my first show stoper (being a burm or a larg boa depending on the age group) that just sparks it all up again righ after there brains hve rested thne I let them ask a bunch of questions and make them all come up and take a group pic with me at the head end then I take out my closing animal and I normaly make the teachers put all the names in a hat and I pull a name then I take out my closing animal(a 5 foot alligator) I show the kid that he/she has just won a chace to take a pic alon with me and the aligator or if they are young I tell them they can pic there friend to come up to if they want. it is realy a good way to keep there attention because if they know B4 hand that there is a draw they pay more attention.

For alder kids I tell them there is a draw but they need to answer a question to actualy win. the question is somthing verry simple that I have coverd 3 times during the presentation many a snake toung or heat pits what constrictor means.

You should try it some time it is a blast
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