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The show was fantastic! From fish to wallabies (sp?), there was tonnes of stuff. I held my first tarantula at the show (a pink zebra beauty), it was awesome!

I got to meet and talk to many people. I had the opportunity to help out Jenny at the Sciensational Sssnakes booth and help (or at leat try to educate a few people about Ontario's native reptiles (and reptiles in general). It was great! Thanks Jenny!

There were some sweet displays aswell! Mark Pepper of Understory Enterprises had an amazing display (as usual) of natural terrariums and cool dart frogs! Shane made a cool display to promote the new site ( ). HQ reptiles also had an awesome display with some really neat animals. There were so many other cool displays that I can't name them all!

Thanks so much for a FANTASTIC show Grant!

Oh yeah, Im sorry about any spelling errors or if I forgot to mention some important details but Im exhausted this evening!

Sean E.
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