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brig: You should do that (join them to educate them) thats the kinda stuff we all need going on!!

I do agree, it isnt fair to shut down the entire industry due to fraction of people.... But think about it, alot of people on this very site own purely wild caught animals, unfortunatly I do as well. These animals go through one hell of an ordeal while being sent to our homes, and they come in mass numbers where quite a few of them die. This is another reason why theres such a passion to end this hobby. Its very rare even if these animals do survive that they go on and live healthy lives.

I say the overall boycotting of pet stores is a must now. encourage captive bred stock and for the people who have wild caught stock to breed their animals and add to the list of CB that are already available. Everyone here has valid points, and seem to want to see the bettering of this hobby so were already in the right direction.. Let's just hope it gets noticed that this hobby isnt all bad.
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