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Most people look at a problem and figure out how to trim the leaves. What we need is an organization or coalition of people to cut it at the roots. The pet stores, the importers. We need laws to govern the exotic pet trade, primarily reptiles, that state that if you are interested in getting a reptile, it is mandatory to research it beforehand and answer some simple, logical questions. The problem with people is that they are stupid. They will see a tropical snake on TV in its natural environment, assume all snakes need that environment and go buy a sand boa and then try to duplicate the natural snake environment seen on tv. To us educated people that sounds ridiculous, but when I saw my first chameleon, a veiled, I assumed that was the only kind of chameleon. But now I consider myself somewhat of a novice/expert on chameleon knowledge (not experience) and know there are MANY kinds of chameleons with ranging habitat requirements. There should be machines at pet stores where you can go to pre-set sites on the machine and print off whichever caresheets you need, and THEN decide what species you want, if any.

All in all, I completely agree with what these fanatics are saying, although I disagree that we, the educated, should pay for the idiocy of our peers. But hey, look at us, I, out in Western Canada, have to learn the stupid language of the French. Unfortunately, people are stupid.

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