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Glad to hear all went well .. Sorry to hear about your tokay but congrats on all the eggs!

As for my medical issue .. I have lost one carpet python from it and my balss have shown and still show minor neurological disorder from it..

I did get compensation from the whole thing .. although It is not worth what i have been put through. If ure interested, Ive gotten a new blood, a new jungle carpet, a new baby savanah (9inches) monitor and a 3 foot water monitor wich i am trying to sell...

My savanah are breeding although i doubt succesfully because my male is simply to big for the girl .. lol .. hes a little over three feet and she is a little over 2 feet.. its funny to look at them in action though.

Glad to hear news from u

Keep us updated,

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**looking for female Bredl's python**
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