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You know, its hard to really say that these people are the enemies... While myself, you and others take excellent care of their reptiles there are alot of people who just dont.. There are more dead reptiles in the trade than any other pet trade going.

I've had many discussions concerning the reptile trade, and most people ive spoken to anyway, share my opinions. Reptiles are just like inanimate objects to most people.. They are trading cards, trade 2 "cheap" ones, for 1 "expensive" one with very little regard as to where their animal is going. I dont think that the reptile industry should be outlawed, however i do feel ALOT of intervention is in order. This is just my own opinion..

I do feel these people have the animals best interest in mind before anything else.. Quote from their listing:"The ban followed recognition by the authorities that these vulnerable and sensitive animals make highly unsuitable 'pets' and that the majority were living short, wretched lives. Equally, national populations were being seriously depleted as a result of dealers' activities."

Now ask yourself, how many new comers have you met that have their lizard or snake in a completely wretched setup? I have to say that this site really has been a very good place to educate newcomers, and i think we need more user friendly sites such as this one to help newbies educate themselves.

All I really have to say here is, I agree with what they're saying on alot of points. I do feel bad for the people who take care of their animals. But as the old saying goes, one bad apple spoils it for them all. Until the bad apple is eliminated, which is our sole purpose as reptile keepers.. Set a better example for the future of this hobby.. Help a newbie, report a bad pet store.. Harrass your local SPCA so they become more reptile friendly, and go after these pet stores.
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