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Animal Activists - need your ideas on how to combat stupid anti-reptile protests!!!

I'm just not going to stand for this! I really want to do something about it, but I don't know what!

I found out who the group is trying to ban the IHS from holding reptile shows in the UK!!!

Fortunately they didn't succeed on Sunday, and the show was really good, but no thanks to them!!! People were turned away on the door due to 'new rules' and all photography was banned, and there was high security on the door!!! Nice. Not.

Please have a look at the following link, and tell me what on earth you think I should do!!! They are really proud that they have overturned 4 potential reptile zoos! Great!!!

You have to scroll down til you get to the 'Good News for Reptiles' Section. They are mad and completely ill informed.

These people are going to campaign in utter ignorance against anything to do with reptiles, regardless of how good or educational or ecologically sound the plans are!!!

I'm sick of sitting back and letting this happen and I'm not going to.

ANY IDEAS FOR ACTION? Come on - you guys are clever and innovative!!! WHAT SHOULD WE DO???


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