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I've always had a passion for fossils. I have a few unidentified bones I've found when the ground had eroded, probably a horse or cow haha. But I've always wanted to go hunting for fossils, I want to discover a new species or find a nice big mammoth tusk I can mount somewhere, now that would be cool. Did you hear about the recent discoveries up in the Yukon? I think it was the Yukon. These 10,000 year old glaciers had begun to melt and they found tons of spears and carcases and bags and stuff used by the ancient Native Americans. It was cool because everything was so in tact because it was frozen in the glacier. They had this one spear that still had caribou hairs stuck to it. They gave it a date of ~10,000 years. I wonder what kinds of reptiles were around 10,000 years ago.

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