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Well here is my story at the Zoo we had a green Anaconda that was removed from her pond and placed in a 8 X 4 X 4 cage and all I did difrent with her was spray extra in the mornings a rule of thumb is that your cage must be dry B4 you spray your cage and it must "LOOK" dry 1-2 hours after spraing. By doing this I got 100% sheds all the time.

I was under the impresion that condensation was bad. cause condensation is more then humidity it is evaporated water that has no where to go but on the sides of your cage.
and to get that kind of humidity your substarte is VERRY wet not damp but wet. I just learned that a wet substrate can give you a lot of problems so I would be verry carefull.

I dont know how your herps are set up so I dont know what kind of guages you have but I would get a digital hygromreater to tell you what the humidity is at any given time you check your cage.

to have 85% humidity is one thing but to have condensation I think that only hapends affter 100% humidity.

I am not an expert but that was just my experiance with that animal in general. All my animals are verry easy to keep content but you have humidity loving animals.
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