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Still here guys, haven't got my own internet account yet.

I'm still around guys, I just haven't got my machine online yet, been using a friends pc to get online. And yeah, there is internet here Dom, lol . A quick little update.... My female tokay stopped eating after I removed her eggs. Poor girl passed on, even after countless efforts to intice her to eat, guess she felt alone without her eggs. My female veiled chamaeleon laid 34 eggs for me on my birthday, Aug. 8, yay, had my eyes on a cooks (probably amazon but tagged as cook's) tree boa (garden phase) for the last 4 days, probably going to pick him up this weekend, the price is definately right. My savannah monitor is growing into a cute little monster, eating 2 adult mice/week. Had him tamed about 4 or 5 days after I got him. I can't wait till he's full grown, ravenous little eater. The herp scene down here is pretty much non existant almost so when my zoo is operational i'll probably rely mostly on tourism. Kinda having second thoughts about doing it here, but i'm not discouraged completely, still just slowly adding to my collection, keeping records, diaries and journals of each specimen along the way. The local pet shops have been calling me now and again for advice, for example they called a couple days ago to ask me how to sex a leo. Kinda neat, how they call me, it used to be the other way around, but the learning process never stops, at least for me it doesn't, just can't seem to get enough. Well, that's it for today guys, i'll be looking forward to my next trip to

P.S. Dom, what ever came of you losing some of your collection?
Did you manage to work somthing out with that vet who killed off some of your kids?
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