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I see very little reality connected with most "reality" shows. You think your going to sing to a national audience, be offered a $1,000,000 and a mate, be offered a place on national television, or be sent to a deserted area and asked to perform for the goods to survive? Even shows like cops and real tv have people in abnormal situations that the average joe (or josephine) never find themselves in. There is no reality in media, it is all biased in one way or another, though we are trained to believe our own culture's view from birth. Reality is unemployment, low wages, oppression, and the rich getting richer while the poor labor for them and the governments serve them. My reality is a government that can put a man on the moon but won't solve poverty issues, unemployment while "my nation's" corporations downsizing good paying jobs here and restarting them as low paying jobs in another country so they may more easily abuse labor and increase their riches. My reality has homeless folks begging at many corners across the nation and children starving around the world. "Reality" doesn't sell commercial time and look at the bottom line for this weeks programing. There is a big difference between 'reality' and the 'entertainment' that the media and government want us to ignore. Seldom will you be dazzled by brilliance, mostly it is trying to baffle us with BS. If the commercials don't sell the show gets cut bottom line, realness doesn't sell and makes society look as bad as it really is.