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No Nio,

He's full of the stuff. All PROS JUICE IT!!! No if and's or but's about it. Period. If you in the O your on it. Yes he is a cop (hasn't worked as one in MANY years) and is breaking the law. Technically (a blind eye is turned in the force. it's almost acceptable behavour until this date).

Ronnie's been around since the late 80's. Promoted as a "natural" bodybuilder (just takes less then everyone else) for a while until he disappered for a couple of years. Now he's like the rest. Don't forget. If you know your stuff about the juice you can EASILY pass a test while on it. Take test. The test for testostrone is only an epitisone to testostrone ratio. Your allowed 8:1 I believe (i could be wrong, haven't kept up with it in 8yrs now). Gee, I wonder if I take epitisone what will happen? Well, I'll get to take MORE JUICE!! Just don't take the ones that have excessivly long half life's (Thanks Ben Johnson YOU IDIOT)

There's a million other ways to beat a test. Just ask. Information is power (and health)

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