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Hmm... These are a couple of years old. *wince* I have a few others I'll post tonight.

This one was airbrushed in Photoshop using the mouse.

This was also done in Photoshop, trying for a kind of white charcoal look, purposefully left a little unfinished looking.

1.1 Jungle Carpet Pythons- Kuno & Sydney, 0.1 Turkish Sand Boa- Ankara, 0.1 Anery Kenyan Sand Boa- Chani, 1.0 Axanthic/het for snow Kenyan Sand- Muad'ib, 0.2 Ball Pythons- Tora & Talina, 1.1 Kunishiri Island Rat Snake- Asuran & Cagari, 1.0 Leucistic Texas Rat- Mitsu, 0.1 Banana Cal King- Chanel, 0.1 Albino Oketee Corn- Harp, 0.1 Gargoyle Gecko- Mist
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