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This was the first show that ever had a booth at. For me, it was also the first time we had ever done a real trade show that wasnt animal specific. I made alot of great contacts, talked to lots and lots of ppl and made some new friends. There was so much to see and do. The animal experience at this show was absolutely incredible, there was so many hands on booths with animals you would never normally get to play with that my head is still spinning. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the show, the bird, dog, cat ppl are such nice ppl and very fun to talk to. Several members stopped by the booth and hung out, and i was pleased by their support...thanks guys!

I think Grant put on a tremendous show....but then again, i expected nothing less from him. I would like to personally thank him on behalf of the site for his hard work and attention to detail...his efforts and professionalism showed, and the show for me was a huge success! This show i wish nothing but great luck for in the years to come...and if this one was any indication, the years to follow will be incredible!!! Congrats on a job well done Grant and your team

I would also like to thank Matt K and Nick (aka Chappy) For a great job helping direct traffic, doing security, helping ppl set up...and most of all watching my booth when i wasnt there....i was worried about all my computer equipment being stolen..and you guys looked after me...i owe you...thanks guys

What can i say...i would not have been able to do this show with you! You kept me in stiches all day long, and never got tired of promoting the site to those that walked by. I owe you the greatest of thanks for not only helping, but putting up with me for three days as well. It was my pleasure to finally meet you and your b/f Matt who is a very cool guy Words cannot describe how thankful i am to have had you help me at the really are my personal life assistant and i love you for it, Thank You!!!

To my mom & dad, my sister Laurynn, and especially Jeff.....thanks guys for helping me deliever and pick up the booth, the computers etc...wouldnt have got there without you guys! Thanks

Serpentlust......tell your mom thanks..that made my day!!!....maybe i should be dating her LOL!!!

To those of you that missed the show...i would encourage you to go next will not be disappointed!!!
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