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who here actually breeds for reintroduction in the wild ?

Everyone is in for their own pleasure or to make money . the only thing that will destroy a species for good is keeping them all in captivity . By doing that we all encourage the destruction of all the species since more and more animals are being taken in the wild because all of us are advertising that reptiles are fun to keep as pets .

From our point its really wrong to kill tigers for medicinal products because there are just a few left . So are we waiting until there is only a hundred gtp left in the nature to start thinking it might be time to illegalize them in captivity so mr whoknowswho stops picking them up in nature because there are no more buyers . We all bring business to these people and are encouraging them to continu their work and god knows how much specimens dont survive the trip here . Keep in mind that probably 5 or 10 or more have died so you can have your PURE surinam and how much of these captive bred giant pythons makes it to adulthood ??? s much are sold but just a few have them big and fat what happens to the rest of them ???

So please cut the bullsh*t about trying to save a species by not hybridizing them when you are the first inline to help the destruction of a species by keeping it as pets and advertising them as "cool" pets and dont start saying but mine comes from captive born parents bla bla bla in the beginning they were taken in the natures and they are still taken there . We all keep them we all participate . Welcome to the human race . You wanna save them then instead of selling your babies have no contact at all with them and as soon as they are born put em in a box and ship it where its from so someone can put em back where they belong otherwise dont say you are trying to save them because you are not .

I know probably a lot will hate me for this post at at least im not hiding.

and btw a lots of hybrids looks really cool
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