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Mold as a substrate.....

.... is exactly what you end up with when you use Aspen shavings in a humid environment.

My quest for the perfect substrate for my humidity lovers continues. This weeks stab in the dark: Sphagnum moss. Right now, I have our Columbian Rainbows on damp sphagnum, as well as the blue beauties. So far, it's got the humidity up to the point where it is consensing - which is great for the rainbows. Not so great for the beauties, even though they still seem to be content.

So far, I've decided NO on newspaper, and for cost reasons alone, even with my "dry" (or Dry-ER) snakes, Aspen is just getting too expensive. Paper towels thus far have done very well for the Kings, Corns, and Balls. Seems to be ok for them.

I've been unable to locate Cypress mulch anywhere.

What I wanted to know is, what are your experiences with sphagnum? Does it clean easily enough? Have you had problems with it getting TOO humid? But most especially, how well do you find it resists mold?
- Ken LePage
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