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I am a cross.
And so are most of you.

I am a cross between a Filipino, a Spanish and a German.

Why are they crosses? Because man said they are crosses?
Man said they were different subspecies. Whether you cross them or are already playing God

People say do not play God and cross things.
Well we are playing God already by deciding what species should not be crossed with what.

People say it is unatural to cross things...............that is true.
Then again so is keeping your pure locality boas in a 2x4 cage.

Jungle x Diamond is bad bad bad. So let us put a fence in between their homes so they do not mix with each other.

surinam boa x guyana boa is bad bad bad.
So someone build a fence....HURRY

Sure odd things can be found in nature, doesn't mean it's natural.. not play god by crossing things.
But please do play god when you decide what is natural and what is not.

These crosses are accident, they aren't there for a purpose.
Jungle x Diamond does not have a purpose. It does not eat rodents like a pure jungle or a pure diamond would.
Surinam boa x Guyana boa does not have a purpose. So kill them all.

The way I see it. Snakes of the same species can be mixed.
They are the same species. It was man who decided they were different.
A person from Canada is still the same species as the person from France and Spain etc etc etc.
If man decides to separate the species into subspecies depending on looks........Then man should also separate hmself into subspecies.

I am Homo sapien phillipinnese x with homo sapien germanese x with homo sapien spanishese
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