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I had a great time at the show, I think my favorites were the petting zoo and the taxidermed animals. (try walking past those at 3 in the morning in the dark with no one around) I got another albino at the show, also a book I really wanted and and well I was at the show Brian aka Asphyxia dropped off some corns he picked up at the airport for me coming from Trevor aka Boidkeeper in new Brunswick ( thanx guys I appreciate it) I also want to thank Grant for putting so much time and effort into such a great show and for allowing me to be part of it, I can't wait for next year. And shane if you ever try and grab my *** again Im going to have to throw you into ANOTHER honda.

Anyway heres some pics of my new girl, I name all my boas but I haven't come up with anythign for her yet. Any suggestion?


P.S. sorry about the pic quality believe me she looks a million times better in person
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