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Attribute it to the egocentricity of mankind, maternal/paternal instincts or whatever, the reason it occurs while a good topic for an open discussion isn't as critical as the end result. As some (like Jeff and Eyespy) said, anthropomorphism among those who don't know better can often mask husbandry issues that could lead to serious health problems or the death of the reptile. Like if I see my king out coiled around his driftwood under the heat light, the last thought in my mind is "oh, how nice, he's come out to greet me" but instead "uhoh, this isn't normal. I'd better check the temps again." As long as you KNOW that the feelings you're imposing are entirely wrong, the occasional lapse isn't necessarily bad by default. That's what I think anyways

LMAO! Sweaters for leos?? Too funny I wonder if they've tried knitting jumpsuits for snakes yet...
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