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Originally posted by Invictus
I myself prefer to buy animals that don't have mites, don't have communicable diseases, and don't need to be treated like a science experiment. But, maybe that's just me... we haven't quarantined any of our animals as of yet, because they usually come to us in good health
How can you be sure of this? The snake may not have any visible mites, all it may need is one to be hidden under a scale, or an egg that survived treatment prior to your purchase. How do you know the animal doesn't have a communicable disease? Some diseases may take weeks, months, some even years before they show any symptoms at all. Purchasing animals that appear outwardly healthy from reputable sources are only the first precaution one can take, but is by no means any form of safeguard for a collection or guarantee of a healthy animal. Even last year, one of the most reputable boa guys down in the states sold a boa that had IBD... the animal had not been his hands long enough for the animal to display symptoms, somewhere down the line to him the animal came in to contact with the infection. Boas can carry this disease for many years and it is highly contagious. If quarantine were only for sick animals displaying symptoms....what's with all these countries qurantining any new arrivals? For instance horses with all their vet certifcates showing they tested negative for spefific diseases and so forth still must be quarantined for I believe it is 6 weeks when entering many countries.
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