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I do and I don't. I always talk to my animals, I say they are misbehaving or whatnot, and so forth... I say it just for me... or in joke... that's as far as it goes. I in no way, shape, or form make the mistake of actually applying it to these animals... the way I study them, the way I care for them, the way they are - because that is a complete and total misrepresentation of everything they are and cannot acheive anything other than a total misunderstanding of the whatever species which in turn can lead to improper care and management (which can only lead to animals not being kept optimally), as well as unsuccessful attempts at any goals, being breeding, keeping, or studying. IMHO it is quite arrogant to believe that all creatures on this planet think, feel, and react like humans.

Originally posted by Steeve B
the facts remain shod science come out and say Animals are capable of emotion! This who’d be like setting a nuclear bomb on a global scale, just think about it for 10 second, see the implications?
Science has proven that animals DO have emotion. Companion animals such as dogs and cats DO have emotion, not human emotion, but emotion nonetheless. This is why you have conditions such as seperation anxiety in all sorts of animals ranging from elephants to cats. Same with jealousy, etc. Cannot be argued that they are scientifically accepted, as they would not be able to be applied in veterinary medecine if they were not. Primates are the only animals that have any sort of emotion comparable to humans. Other animals DO have emotion, although it is not human emotion, hence anthromorphism can lead to problems. I personally do not believe reptiles and amphibians have emotions, however to say that ALL animals ared incapable of experiencing emotions is IMHO quite far of the mark.

Originally posted by Stockwell
is is why leopard geckos, and Bearded Dragons are so popular. Anything that resembles human infants, and vaguely emmulates any of those facial characteristics that the brain equates to human, tends to get fauned over and emmotionally bonded with as if it were human.

Eeeeeeewwwwwwwwww... beardies and human babies
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