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Invictus, you are saying that now, but wait until you get your first mite infestation.

No matter who the source, ALWAYS QUARANTINE.

I can not stress enough.

We have had mites from at least three different people (trust worthy folk too). The worst part is believing you don't have any, and then someone else finding out that you have them.

Now, we quarantine everything, use Provent a Mite, and ask that if anyone buys something from us, to quarantine and treat the snake like it has mites, just in case.

With live animals, you can never be too careful.

The worst thing I think that has happened was when Vanan and I bought some Gonyosoma. Quarantined them for a month, then put them in our normal collection. Well, guess what. Red tails rats got sick, died, taiwan got sick and died, baird's rat got sick and died, and two adult corns went down too. INCREDIBLY STUPID on my part. Especially b/c those Gonyo's were WC's.

Now, I like to quarantine for three months regardless if the snake is a boid or a colubrid. I never ever want to see my snakes get sick like that again, because of my stupidity.
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