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Survival of the fittest, in any group, gives rise to politics of some sort..., true. But on an overall level they are driven by instincts to breed and feed. To ensure self-survival the individual knows not to fight a bigger opponent within reason. Besides I am mostly addressing the Captive reptile who's social options are of my reptiles(snakes only) do recognize me and I have also been experimenting with bucket colours...Blue=feeding far I have had limited success because my freezer is in the same room and I feel that the responce I got when I bring the Blue bucket out could be as simple as they smell the food...but on the bright side, they(my snakes) show no responce from the Green bucket's wow...

PS...Reptiles might have a morality of sorts, but it is relative to our understanding of observation.....and what is morality anyways?...but thats another

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