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I read this entire posting and I think it’s a great discussion- great topic Lilyskip. Here’s my 2 bits (maybe a little more than 2..):

I’m aware that they don’t necessarily poke their heads out of hidey holes because I’m home and they are excited to see me. When their timers go off for their lights in the evening and I say “Good night girls” I know they aren’t saying “good night” right back to me. But there is something settling in the notion that maybe, *just maybe*, they do a little extra tongue flick now and again for me in the notion that they may think “hey- something just picked me up, she’s warm and cozy, I feel safe, I like the situation I’m in, this is ok.” Or even if they had simply a computerized type response- “Non threatening”, that makes me feel better than thinking, oh- it’s tolerating me again, as opposed to “Dear god- here it comes again! Noooooooo!”

Are we humoring ourselves sometimes? Yes. But because we are aware that they are in fact snakes/reptiles/what have you, and we are educated on the creature that we have before us, I don’t see a threat in the far-fetched hope that there is a little gratitude for all that we do. (Gratitude is probably a bad word choice, but please just work with me here.)

I don’t expect my snakes to think, “Great, she shelled out the extra $15 for the bigger fancier water bowl”, just the contemptment that it has an appropriate functioning water bowl. I just don’t think the wishful thinking is hurting anyone.

I am the world’s best rambler, so I’ll end my thoughts on the following 3 notes:

1- When I move in 2 weeks, I am hauling my plants that I’ve had for 7 years half away across the US to my mom’s because I want them to live out the rest of their lives happily, not to try to survive off of beer and cigarettes like I know my roommate would feed it. Does my plants really care in the long run- no- but it makes me feel better that I tried, yep.

2- Stockwell is correct, I would not have spent a dime to house tapeworms, and I would not have bought ET if I was simply watching a blob of cosmic ectoplasm.

Originally posted by Stockwell
I know females that knit clothes for their geckos
That’s just sick! Little rat dogs dressed up are bad enough! Now ther are "females" meaning MULTIPLE people knitting clothes for their geckos?? If no one thinks other geckos aren't going to make fun of the "dressed up" ones, then stand back- becasue I will!!

I just found homes for my 4 snake ladies: ball python, colombian boa, hogg isle boa, and a burmese. *sniff* How I miss them so...

How do I set my laser printer to 'stun'?
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