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Due to space constraints, I don't currently have the luxury of being able to quarantine anything in a seperate room. I'm covered with most issues, but if something airborne gets in to my collection I'm screwed Should have access to another room by next year though. What I do is treat any newcomers (snakes) for mites. In between animals, I use 99% isopropyl alcohol on my hands (up to my elbows) followed by a good scrub with some antibacterial dishsoap. All the animals have their own set of sponges and other equipment. I keep this practice up regardless of the length of time I have had the animals. In a sense my animals are all in permanent quarantine, just in case Once I have access to another room for quarantine, the animals will stay in there for 3-6 months (and in some instances longer), depending on history and species.
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