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I'm in a slight way in your situation I haven't really talked to my dad in 6 years. A few times but not many. Mine are from different reasons (step B!tch). Before it gets to late try to talk with him now. Tell him how you feel if not you could prolong it and lose all the valuble time you 2 could have. If you at least try to comunicate with him you know that you have done your part and tried which is better than nothing. I wish everyday that i could call my dad and patch things up but i know it will never work until she's out of the picture.

Me and my mother almost had a huge falling out. What i did with her is. I got her alone just me and her and we both let it all out for hours. I'm talking everything even from childhood. It came down to the point where she said she would just leave and we would never talk again. So i laid it on the line and asked if that's really what she wanted I told her that's not what i wanted but if thats how she felt then alright. I explained to her that if that happend she would never see me or her future grandchildren ever. Hitting her with the grandchildren thing really hurt her, i think it got her thinking we needed to patch things up. A few months after that we were getting along better than we ever had and it's still going strong after 7 years. I don't know what i would do if i didn't have my mother here with me!!! Sometimes it helps both sides just to get it all out and in the open.
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