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first of all man, no one's gonna make you quit smoking. you're gonna quit when you find it's time to quit. whether it be due to you hacking your lungs out every morning, coughing up blood, or something like you smelling bad all the time, or not being able to financially support the habit.

everyone knows what smoking cigarettes leads to and alot of people continue to smoke despite the consequences. and you know what i say to those who choose to smoke? have another one....


Now, back to the original matter at hand. I'd confront your pops about why you guys are drifting. If you were really close at one time, you're probably not far apart at all. I'd drill him about it and I wouldn't let anything slide. It shouldn't be hard at all man 'cause I think confronting family members is alot easier than confronting friends and the like. And this is your dad man, I'm sure you guys have a bond.

What's the worst that could happen? Your dad ends up socking you in the face. Friends who fight over stupid sh*t sock eachother in the face! So, no. Your dad ends up spanking you. Nope. Your dad disowns you and kicks you out of the house. Well if you and dad were pretty close at one time, I couldn't see that happening.

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