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USA has WAY more freedoms than Canada! Hell, California just legalized sodomy... zero tolerance is a bunch of BS. Yeah, you can't make jokes at air ports about carryin knives or guns. Look what happened to the US to make it like that though. Cowards crashed into the twin towers in New York, that put the whole US in a hightend state of alertness. Tell me where kids can't play cops or robbers, or cowboy and indians. Children are expelled for making threatening gestures cause it's against the law, it's called assault. Doesn't matter if the child is smart or below level intelligence. Here is the way I look at it. The more freedom you have, the less safe you are, and the more safe you are, the less freedoms you have. I am probably on the wrong forum to say that I love the USA, but that is how I feel and no one can change that. If I had ZERO FREEDOM, which you say I have, I wouldn't be able to write this right now, I wouldn't be able to have a choice on who I vote for for President or any other election. Don't tell me I don't have any freedom, cause it's obvious that I do! LONG LIVE USA!!!!!!!!!!
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