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This is the most interesting thread thanks for starting it

There are no reptile politics ,,no morality..
I have to disagree with you on this . Reptiles have their ways with things that we are just starting to see with all the researches done in the field . I know there is one species of monitors ( dont remember if its the komodo dragons or the nile monitors ) that instead of fighting eachothers to death for a female they wrestle exactly like humans do . Its a question of establishing dominace over the challenger . But they dont bite or hurt eachothers they get up on their back legs and wrestle until the other is down on its back . I saw that once on discovery , it was really amazing to see that . It really looked like some kind of respect over the one who lose , something like " you will get another chance " . Its a good example of a superiority in evolution over a lot of mammals that will kill eachothers for a female . Even humans do that . You will probably say that its because they are crazy that they kill another man for a women , but if their was no chance of going in jail for such an action i know a lot more would do it . But those reptiles dont do it even though nothing bad will happen to them if they do it .
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