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There are no reptile politics ,,no morality..
Ahh, thats what WE think. We don't really know for sure now, do we?

but can they really recognize one human from another?
I don't know if they can actually recognise individuals, but I think they know certain people's 'smells', and can react accordingly. Some of my snakes will crawl all over me, and onto my mom's hands, but when I put them near someone they don't know, they freeze and won't go onto that person's hand. It really is an interesting topic.

Many animals such as mammals do have more complex mental systems....but thats their story..designed that way through evolution..
But how do you know that reptiles don't have a more complex mental system, that we just aren't currently aware of?
once they escape once they will continue to escape until you fix the escape route.
Lol! I agree wholeheartedly. Kind of a problem if the 'smart' human can't locate the escape route, though.
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