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Steeve, looks like a nice relaxed place to live. I can't wait to move into my place in the country.

As for the whole whether the usa sucks or not, I don't know, but I wouldn't want to live there, I know I've got it too good in Canada. I'd have to say Canada has more freedoms. Right now the moral right and the liberal left are eroding the USA's freedoms from both ends. The right are the thought police and the left are trying to protect you from yourself. Don't think so? Look how kids are no longer allowed to play dodge ball or cops and robbers (cowboys and Indians wen't out when politicaly correctness came in). Children in jr kindergarten and older are suspended or expelled for drawing guns or making the shape of a gun with their fingers. A++ students are expelled for having a plastic knife to cut their food at lunch. The USA has become the land of zero tolerance. Zero Tolerance equals no freedom. The government is now able to spy on your conversations and internet traffic/email.
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