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Thanx for the info, I have never heard of Delta Dash before but the person getting the animal will probably want door to door service (even though its harder on the animal to do the truck ride) I wouldn't mind going to the airport myself but its not that far from my house.

As for breeding beardies, I don't (well maybe I do now) breed them but the trio I have had other ideas and laid a ton of eggs. The third clutch is hatching right now with one more that might not be good. The first clutch that hatched, half of them died right before hatching, I am not sure what happened to them but I sold the 6 that were remaining to the local pet store. Then the second clutch hatches with a little better than 50% hatch rate so now I have 11 babies. I did put one on reptibid because the local pet store doesn't want them unless I practically give them away. It would be nice to get some money from the babies to be able to pay for the food for the adults for awhile. I don't know how to sex them when they are so small but I was considering letting them grow up alittle to see. It you can tell me how to tell the females in the hatchlings I can see if I have one.

My problem is that I have gone through a personal breakup and ended up with custody of the entire collection of animals and there is so much to take care of, its getting so expensive.
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