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leopard... you don't seem to be paying much attention to caresheets or people, so I'm going to list exactly what you need (cheapest possible) and apprx cost:

- 15 gallon tank (10 gal is TOO small), 15$ used
- Secure lid, 5-10$ used
- Papertowel for bedding (free from the kitchen)
- 3 hides (if they are from the petstore, 10-30$ each, or if they are just upside down margarine tubs with holes in the sides, you can get them free from your kitchen or from the olive bar at the grocery store)
- rocks and sticks (boiled and scrubbed), free from the woods
- fake plants (5-10$ from wal-mart/zellers)
- moss/vermiculite to go in the humid hide (2$)
- undertank heater (20$ from the petstore or 10-15$ from walmart/zellers)
- thermometer (5-10$)
- food dish (5$ tops)
- water dish (5$ tops)
- mealworms/crickets/silkworms (varies)
- calc powder (10$)
- vit powder (10$)
- bottle cap for calc powder in the tank (free)
- leopard gecko (from a breeder it will be way cheaper and healtheir. Depending on colour morph, cheapest though would be 35$ for a juvenile normal)

I think that's it, if I think of anything else I will let you know!

** i based the prices on canadian prices, so yours' will be lower!**


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