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Sometimes I think that they (The snakes) "like" being in captivity, simply because they do not have to hunt. It's "easier" for them.
That's just it. You are doing it too. They don't have the concept of hunting. Or not hunting. Or "like". Or having an "easier" life. They have been built (evolution) painstakingly over time to be able to react to situations/events (called their ENVIRONMENT) better than any other animal. They have displaced all other competitors to occupy a certain niche in nature. They do that by having ingrained sets of instructions (called instinct/innate behaviours) that make them do certain things because of certain stimuli (again, their environment). This is what they do. They don't have a concept of it or a self-actualizing consciousness that they are doing it and are a part of a system. Not at all. And to think that they do is exactly what we are talking about!
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