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hehe This is a subject that i really like .

I think every single living thing has some kind of intelligence . Some seems more intelligent than others but i think its more because they are so different from us that we have problems understanding them .

Take snakes with heat sensing pits for example . We dont really know if they actually do have the physical ability to recognize us . They can taste the air really well and see our heat patterns wich is defferent for everyone but can they really recognize one human from another ? By watching mine I see they learn pretty fast . They learn things that are useful to them . Its not because they dont bring us the newspaper that it makes them stupid . Like dogs they are genetically engineered to do anything they can for us or for food , in their own minds its good for them to give their paws and stuff like that so they get rewarded . Snakes on their sides are born with all they need to survive on their own they already know what to eat what to avoid where to live how to climb trees how to swim and how to camouflage themselves . They are not domesticated so when they are in your house they cant do everything they are meant to be able to . In the nature snakes know where to hide to have the best camouflage ever , they can recognize these spots so it probably means they know what they look like and they know they have to match with the surroundings to be invisible . I think it is just because they are so different from us that we cant see how intelligent they are . They wont behave the way we want , they will behave the way they are meant to and the way they want .

We tend to say mammals are more intelligent , its probably because we are more related to them genetically speaking and by the way they behave . Like a mother teaching her child all the stuff they need to know to survive on their own . Those are the kind of things that we understand since its the same way for us .

Never forget that reptiles have more evolution in their genes than us they were there way before us and have adapted to a lot of changes and they are still around .

Mammals like birds have a mind set to learn because their minds are empty when they are born . Its their parents task to fill it up the way they need to . Reptiles are born with everything they need so they dont need to learn a lot more . But just take a look at the way they move they know everything thats is around them they know where to go to reach some places and the best they know how to outsmart mammals so they can catch them and eat them . It doesnt really matter if their preys are vegeterians or canivores they are built for the kill and will use all their tools to do it .

I think the term intelligence should be used only for humans because its not all animals that actually needs to learn stuff fast to survive some rely on strenght others on hiding its different for everyone and as intelligent as we are lots of people still lose their life to those species that dont look intelligent . We always underestimate them cause we think we are so smart but sometimes i actually think that they are the intelligent one and we are not , we a just are just an accident of natures .

Anyway whatever the species , whatever they look like , whatever they give you the creep , animals needs to be loved and needs to be respected .

Ps: i was really tired when i wrote this so some stuff might be incoherant :P
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