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I am torn on this topic.....

Sometimes I think that they (The snakes) "like" being in captivity, simply because they do not have to hunt. It's "easier" for them. I even go to the extent of saying that my male bp "likes" being held.

I also think that all my snakes have different "characteristics" about them. And they do have different "likes" (tolerances) and "dislikes" (things they will NOT tolerate).

I hate the "discussion" that always follows something like this becuase everyone decides that their way of thinking is the only right way.
I just think that everyone has their own opinion about it, and no one is going to change that opinion.

I personally would have to agree that they only tolerate us.
But I would have to also agree that to a certain extent that they "love, and need" us....maybe not in the same way a dog, cat, hamster, bird, etc.....etc.......might. But they still do.

As for the handling. BP's are sensitive to handling. But this is where the tolerance to humans come in to.
Just the other day I took my male BP to work, about 4-5 diff people touched and/ or handled him, 2-3 which were absolutely terrified of him! And he was there for about 1 hr -1 1/2 hours. But not even 4 hours later he took his FIRST large rat.

My little female BP refuses to eat whenever she decides she don't want to, Sometimes I swear she does it to frusterate us! She is in shed, she ate last time she was in shed, now she refused it.
She don't particularly (sp??) like to be held, and litterly only tolerates it.

The little corn, well every time we put our hand in there she curls up with her head in the middle and lifts her head, like she is going to strike. But she don't. After we pick her up she is fine. Will eat every day if we let her, whether or not she's been handled, picked up, put in a rubbermaid (to clean her tank).....she don't care. she will eat, and is getting more and more tollerable (sp?) about being handled..............

so everyones opinion is right........atleast to them, and no one is going to change their mind until they decide that someone elses idea or thought is right..............

I don't mean to offend anyone if I did........just my 2 cents!
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