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Originally posted by Jeff_Favelle
But if you KNOW it isn't true, how the heck can you convince yourself to think that it is? My mind can do some crazy s**t, but that isn't one of them.
I dont' convince myself so much as I just don't constantly remind myself that he would be just fine on his own. When people ask me if he likes being held, I explain to them that snakes don't have human emotions, that they merely tolerate being handled, etc., but when I take him out for handling time, that's not the first thing on my mind. The first thing on my mind is to make sure that he's safe and not getting stressed, and the second thing is to just enjoy playing with my snake. I like to give him a little internal monologue, just for myself. Again, I know he doesn't have it, but that's just not on the forefront of my mind those times when I take him out.

I guess I just see this as a problem if the snake is clearly getting stressed out, and you think, "Aww, he's just so excited that he doesn't know what to explore first!" It's then that you have to snap out of, "aww, he's so cute" mode and go into, "Huxley's freakin out, time to leave him alone in his tank" mode. I think as long as you can keep your own, personal, incorrect, human-centric view of your snake separate from what your snake's needs are, then it's all good, IMO.
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