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I think reptiles run on instinct but that doesn't mean they don't think and make simple choices(I don't believe we can prove whether that is true or not).....if I walk into the room and my burm presses her cute little face against the glass and (what seems like) looks in my direction....I think its curiosity, perhaps for her own survival, maybe she is thinking "noise, possible danger, food, lets look" and then the realization "oh its 'her' again...damn it" i'm joking about the last part! i do think there is some sort of thought process, whether it is solely based on instinct....I have no idea but that seems like a logical conclusion when observing their behaviour.....I do think they can become accustomed to being handled and some species are obviously more placid than others. I chalk that up to a level of trust....if they could say something it might be something like "hasn't eaten me,doesn't hurt me, i'm not threatened" maybe they see us as trees..non-threatening...the Ents of the real world!lol
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