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I agree that mammals have personalities and are intelligent. I think reptiles have certain individual "characteristics", yes..but does that constitute as a personality? I am not sure. Using your example, if you were to take three snakes of the same species and put them in the same situation..they may react differently. A more "mellow" snake may just sit there and disreguard it's surroundings, whereas a more "aggressive" snake may strike or hiss due to the surroundings. Cats, dogs, even rats, enjoy human companionship..but do reptiles? I don't think so. I have never seen one of my snakes or lizards follow me around, react when I'm away, or act "happy" when I'm around. I would like to see others' input on this topic. If anyone has any articles, essays, or books that discuss this topic (do reptiles have emotions, are they intelligent, etc?). What is the book that you are reading called? I am interested
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